Living Green-er

I have always had an interest in the environment. To that extent, over the past couple years I have really tried to live a greener lifestyle. But lets face it, living green can be a bit challenging when you are working with a graduate student budget.

This year one of my resolutions was to find ways within my limited budget to live a lifestyle that supports environmental sustainability. One that allows me to live as close to the ground as possible. As a part of seeing this resolution through I enrolled Jeffery and I into a CSA.

CSA, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, stands for community supported agriculture. The premise is that the “community” buys a share of the farm from the farmer prior to the start of the season. This then allows the farmer to buy necessities for growing crops (essentially his livelihood) and in return the share holder is given a portion of the crops. Of course there are risks associated with this but there are also many benefits that come along as well. First, it helps keep the money within the local economy and it benefits the economy within the community. Second, the carbon foot print associated with the transportation of produce is reduced because it is all transported locally. Third, you know how the food you eat is being grown and no surprise chemicals or preservatives are contained in the food. Fourth, you can often have a hand in growing the bounty yourself, which is great for families wanting to teach their kiddos about farming/gardening, responsibility, or the environment. Fifth, you get fresh, wonderful tasting, in-season vegetable delivered to your doorstep for several months and you save tons of money by not having to purchase them from the grocery store.

Our first basket is scheduled to arrive in June and I am counting down the days. I will be sure to post lots and lots of pictures and recipes from our CSA experience come this summer. So now onto my message for the day! I challenge all of you to find one thing you can easily change in your life that would support a more green lifestyle. Try something as small as walking to work or carpooling for a week, heck try it for even a day. I promise it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

Lastly,  if anyone has any suggestions for ways to live green on a budget please post away!  I would love to hear anything anyone has to say!

Until next time 🙂



One thought on “Living Green-er

  1. Oh you will LOVE being apart of a CSA… it is wonderful 🙂 There are lots of “recipes” for green cleaning products… it is usually vinegar, lemon, and water!

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