Egg Lovers of the World, Unite!

Good Morning from the lovely northeast (or Midwest depending on how you self-identify…gotta love geography talk at 8 in the morning). 

I woke up this morning with a wonderful plan in mind!  Courtney, a friend of mine who I’ve talked about in my blog before, put up a wonderful recipe for a breakfast frittata on her blog that I just had to try!  For those of you that don’t know what a frittata is, basically, it’s like an omelet but partially broiled, partially cooked like your standard run of the mill omelet.  I had some extra time this morning, or well at least I thought I did, so I figured why not give it a go!

So here goes nothing!  First step, grab any and every extra veggie you have lying around and dice them up as small as you would if they were going into an omelet.  I had some extra onion, broccoli, red bell pepper and garlic.  I also thought a little cheese might serve this recipe well so I grabbed that too and of course, the star player, two eggs!

Get out your cast iron pan (or any oven friendly pan) throw in some olive oil, let it heat up and then added the veggies to cook until your desired tenderness.

Once they get to your perfect crunch factor, take your eggs

“beat” them a bit and then add them to your oven-friendly pan…make sure by this point you have turned on the broiler and have the shelf set a “safe” distance away from the top!

I sprinkled a bit of cheese into mine and let it set for a few minutes.  When the center was just a smidge jiggly I added my pan to the broiler!  Be sure that you have your hot pads ready or conduction will get ya!  The masterpiece stayed in the broiler until the top just started turning brown, I then scooped it out to find this wonderful creation!

I had to make sure that I got a picture before I attempted removing it from the pan for fear of destroying it!  But luckily when I plated it, it still turned out just a lovely!

I added a little Tabasco and some Adobo seasoning for a bit of a kick start to the morning  but I’m sure you could switch up the spices to what suits your taste!  I have a few changes I want to try next time, so keep a look out for my updated version!  Thanks Courtney, for the wonderful recipe!  Everyone else, enjoy!  I’m off to spinning 🙂

Stay Warm,



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