Homemade Laundry Detergent

So its been a little while since my last post and there sure has been A LOT going on!  We went to New Orleans, a good friend of mine (Courtney) came to visit and check out Kent, and dissertation work has been in full swing.

So I’m going to keep this short…I saw a pin on pinterest a couple weeks ago for homemade laundry detergent and decided that I wanted to give it a try!  Its super cheap to make, you have the flexibility of picking your scent, and its environmentally friendly!

First step, collect all your materials.  You’ll need a box of borax, a box of.washing soda, a bar of soap.  The soap bar adds the element of scent so pick one that you’ll really enjoy.  Ours is oatmeal scented.


After that measure out a cup of borax and add it to your container..


Measure out a cup of washing soda and add it to the container…


Finally the hardest part, grate the soap bar into your mix (warning this could take some time)…


And voila, you have homemade powdered detergent!


A couple things to note about the process…you only need to use a tablespoon per load, unless you’re really dirty, then use two.  We made a mixture with two cups of each ingredient and found that one bar of soap was plenty enough for us. We haven’t used it yet but from what I read this doesn’t make a lot of suds. Also, I am not sure if this can be used in HE washers but top loads are fine! Finally the best part, the recipe I gave you will make enough for approximately 64 loads of laundry. If you break down the costs you will find that you pay roughly 21 dollars ($5 fox 9c of borax, $4 for 6c of washing soda, $2 dollars for a bar of soap and you’d need 6 bars to use the entire box of washing soda) for 384 loads of laundry!

Just for all you numbers people out there, if you bought two boxes of borax, three of washing soda, and 18 bars of soap. You could skip the measuring and just dump all the boxes into a big container, stir, then grate away.  In this case you’d probably have enough detergent to last you several years for only about 58 dollars!!!!!!!!  Talk about a savings, beat that all you coupon clippers 🙂

I have heard nothing but great reviews about this detergent, but I’ll be sure to follow up when we do! So check back!

Stay clean, my friends 🙂


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