Homemade Egg McMuffins and a New Twist on Potato Chowda!

So I learned a lot of things this weekend.  Probably my favorite bit of weekend learning was that cheese grates easier than soap! Yes, I did a lot of grating this weekend and No, I did not use the same grater 🙂

Today, I took on the task of prepping my food for the week.  I bought a ton of produce this past Friday (I wish I had a picture) and with the advice of a friend I used today to prepare this weeks vegetables to save time during the week.  It took some time and my kitchen looked like it had exploded with vegetables but I think its gonna be worth it!  All I have to do during the week is cook now :).

I did also make some homemade Egg McMuffins for Jeff to eat for breakfast! It’s a quick an easy way to ensure you get your morning protein when you work super early!

First step, slice your english muffins…


Next, grease a muffing tin with some cooking spray and then crack your eggs into the little cups.  I made eight so that my “growing boy” can have two muffins each day (minus Monday)


Then pop both trays in the oven and bake at 350 for 15-20 min!


Jeffery said they looked like play food.  I added some pepper to mine before they went in the oven, feel free to experiment!  Once you get them out of the cups put the top half of the muffin on and freeze them uncovered for an hour.


Freezing them uncovered will draw out excess moisture to keep the bread from getting soggy…after your hour is up, wrap them individually and freeze!

You can defrost them in the microwave but they might get soggy.  Your best bet is to pop them right into the oven at 350 for about twenty min and enjoy!

But wait there’s more! I also made a yummy pot of creamy kale, leek and potato soup…first step, collect your ingredients (4c fat free milk, ~3c kale, ~2c leeks, 1lb potatoes, 1/4tsp nutmeg, salt & pepper to taste, and 1tbsp olive oil)


Heat your potatoes in the microwave for six minutes while sauteing the kale and leeks in the olive oil in a soup pot.

Once the kale cooks down, add in your potatoes and mash, then add milk, nutmeg, salt and pepper.


Cook for about 25-30 min on medium-low.  Be sure to stir regularly because milk burns quickly!  Finally, top with oyster crackers and enjoy 🙂


I experimented a little with my bowl and found that garlic adds a wonderful touch, so I’ll be adding that next time!

That’s all for tonight, folks! This domestic diva is pooped 🙂


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