NOLA 2012

So as some of you may know, Jeff and I decided to spend our honeymoon in New Orleans with some of our closest friends.  We left for the south the day after Jeff’s birthday and flew into Nashville.  After picking up our luggage, we got our car rental (oddly it was the same kind of car the lady was driving in my first accident) and hit the road to Starkville.

We wanted to spend a little time back in Mississippi where we first met and boy was it worth it.  On the way we stopped in Tuscaloosa for some tea with Courtney.  She spent a lot of time explaining the tornado damage to us and man was it eerie to see!

We got into Starkville around two and headed to campus to visit our old friends.  But we couldn’t resist hitting up little dooey’s for some fried pickle amazingness!


Grady, my masters adviser,  invited us out for some drinks and shuffle board at a new bar in town ’round quitting time.  Great times catching up!  We then went with some friends to Umi’s for some hibachi and a Starkville roll 🙂

The following morning we made a run to pick up the King Cakes and then decided to swing by Shipley’s for a pastry to munch on over the 4 hour drive to New Orleans.


Check out that wonderful croissant!  For those of you that don’t know, our very last day in Starkville we had breakfast at Shipley’s in the company of Dan Mullen (our football coach).  Needless to say, I almost crapped my pants when he showed up!  Unfortunately, there were no DM sightings this trip 😦

So we made it to New Orleans by lunch time and got checked in to our room.


We had a crazy view of air conditioners! But don’t worry we also had prime view of the river and the steamboat 🙂

We spent some time walking around the city and I had to get a picture of this sign as it’s cousin, the mojito, is one of my favorite drinks!


We also saw a human transformer!


Wait for it…


cool huh?

The next day we decided to head out on a cemetery tour.  The grave sites in NOLA are all above ground and bodies are contained in tombs.  Each tomb has two spaces for bodies and below the bodies there is space for the decomposed remains of previous family members.  Essentially the tombs heat the bodies during the summer so much it speeds up decomposition so that body remains can be moved to the bottom of the tomb a year and a day after burial to make room for the next deceased family member.  If more than two people in a family pass away in the same year then extra space can be rented from the cemetery walls.  Some notable burials: Marie Laveau, Voodoo priestess, Nicolas Cage’s family tomb, and Plessy from the Plessy v. Ferguson supreme court case.


That’s the Cage family tomb!


Just another cemetery view!

So our trip in NOLA really ended with a bang, but unfortunately I don’t have, pictures (which is probably for the better) so you’ll have to take my word for it 🙂

We returned to Starkville for our last night before flying out and decided to stay at a hotel.  The girls working were so nice and gave us a free upgrade to a king suite with a jacuzzi tub :).  We decided to hit up Petty’s for dinner that night!


Man, I miss that BBQ!

The following morning we did a little shopping before saying our goodbyes.  We got on the road and made the trip to Nashville with enough time to stop by and visit our nieces and Jeff’s sister.

The trip back was relatively uneventful except for the fact a woman went into cardiac arrest at 30,000 ft.  We landed and made it to the terminal in record time.  It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to go back!


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