Comfort Food(s)

Yes, we all have them…comfort foods.  Yesterday, we made one of Jeff’s all time favorites, mac and cheese! Man, it was gooooood.

I only have a before and after shot of the recipe, but it was one I found on by Alton Brown.  We are certainly NOT  talking about a healthy recipe! However, it is vegetarian-friendly!


Who would think these few ingredients would make this wonderful dish…


On another note, I got word today that funding came through on a grant I applied for! I am not sure how much money I was awarded but it is up to $1800 dollars.  So as a reward, I made this new purchase…


Jeff refused to even carry it for me because of all of its pink gloriousness.  We’ll see who’s begging for a drink for my pink pal after 8 miles into a training run this summer 🙂 Of course, we promptly went to test it out on a 4-miler and it worked wonderfully!

Until next time, stay hungry(thirsty) my friends 🙂


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