A good pair of shoes…

Man I love a good post workout meal.  Tonight we had goat cheese tomato soup with vermont cheddar grilled cheese, mmm mmm! Its a recipe from pinterest, only slightly modified with the addition on spinach to the soup.

Speaking of workout, Jeff and I went for a nice run today in this beautiful weather.  We were planning on runnning five miles but the weather was just perfect and we were feeling the run so we thought, lets just make it an even six.  Well round about mile three things started going downhill. 

I was feeling great and wanted to keep pushing but I was working on a massive blister on my toe.


I figured, much to my own stupidity, that I could just modify my stride and finish out the last half.  Unfortunately, that led to three more blisters, a sore knee, and only making it four miles. 

This brings me to my next point, the importance of good shoes.  I had found a wonderful pair of shoes.  My babies, the Asics gt-2150.


I started running in this style several years ago and have had nothing but success with them.  So this year when it came time to get new shoes, I had no reason not to go with them again.  I decided that I was going to take advantage of the local running store and have my feet properly fit to the shoe.  I was excited when the lady pulled my beloved asics and after some time spent jogging laps around the store I was sure they were the ones. 


She explained to me that they made some changes to the model but never mentioned one of those changes was narrowing the toe box. 

After about 70 miles, I was still getting blisters on my toes so back to the store I went.  The guy working looked at them and asked me about the location of my blisters then decided to try relacing them to give a little more room in the toe box.  30 miles and several more blisters later I went back.  Sore, frustrated, and embarrased (the guy working wanted to actually see my blisters and feel my sweaty sock) I listened to him tell me that one of the modifications to this model was narrowing the toe box and I probably shouldn’t have been put in this shoe.  Fortunately, he recommended a different sock and some glide to try and stretch the life of these shoes and save my bank account. 

So folks, be sure that you get fit for the proper shoe.  We are lucky to have specialty stores in our area with knowlegable staff that can check your stride and properly measure your foot to then make shoe recommendations based on the measurements and the reason behind your purchase.  Be sure you do some of your own research prior to shoe shopping.  You know your body the best plus having some idea of what you like will keep you from being taken advantage of by pushy sales people.  Lastly, get a good sock.  If all else fails be sure to contact the manufacturer and voice your displeasure with the new modifications.  If it isnt broke, dont fix it!

Here’s to a speedy blister recovery for my poor foot!!



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