Its a wonderful life!

So my birthday was a few days ago and I have to say it was awesome! This year was the first year in a really long time that I got to spend my birthday with both my dad and gram AND the first time I was ever able to spend it with Daddg, Gram, Cel, and Jeffery :). 

We made the trip to Maryland after Jeff got home on Thursday.  Minus the traffic in Annapolis, it was smooth sailing.  Scout and Aurora slept together most of the trip!


When we got home Cel and Daddy were anxious to meet the new pup.  She is doing wonderfully but shes scared of some loud noises. Given time she will come around!  After dinner I had a wonderful surprise, CAKE and presents!



Here’s scout sporting one of my new scarfs! I pointed out a few scarfs at AE that I loved and he picked out my two favorite (and a new shirt)! I’ll post pics of the other soon!


Friday morning we went to the new whole foods in Annapolis.  I could have just done a post on that place alone but let me tell ya, I found the Kombucha mecca there!


After the trip to Whole Foods we spent the rest of the weekend having a kid-fix, as my dad and cel call it.  I call it, relaxing!  Fortunately, I was also able to test out my new cake decorating tips on these beaut’s…



We even had some weather!


Sadly, we had to head home Sunday morning.  But much to my surprise, I had one more gift waiting!


Cupcake inspiration from my boo, Alanna-bird!



Time to work off those treats!

Shley 🙂


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