Don’t worry, Be happy.

Well I’m going to try to keep this one short today.  I mentioned yesterday that I had been living in a funk lately and had really been trying to work myself out of it.  Along with relying on the lessons that my inspirations have taught me through the years, I began to focus more on me and what makes me happy.  I truly believe that others can’t be happy along with you, unless you are happy yourself. 

One of the things that really makes me happy is making healthy decisions for myself.  I had been doing really well with that for a while and it was reflected by the pounds dropping on the scale but I have to say that when my life starts to get all crazy-like I am REALLY bad about letting good health decisions go out the window.  So I recently began forcing myself to make healthier decisions in an attempt to break the downward spiral that resulted in absurd and not-open-for-discussion weight gain .  I started crossfit and significantly cleaned up my diet.  In doing so, I was SUPER strict about what I was eating for two weeks.  I have to admit that while this was probably very necessary in my case, I also began to realize that this was setting myself up for failure.  I took a step back and decided to give myself a ratio of clean meals to not-so-clean meals that I wanted to achieve every week.  Right now I am eating roughly 80-85% clean meals in any given week and the other 15-20% are my “cheat meals” in order to keep my sanity.  That being said, I have REALLY noticed a difference in how my body functions when I eat clean vs. not-so-clean meals, particularly when I have a grueling WOD (workout of the day- and yes they are all grueling to me). This has begun to play a significant role in my food choices since I definitely DO NOT want to get sick in the middle of a WOD because I ate something REALLY bad the meal or day before. 

But it’s not only during WODs that I notice a difference in my performance, generally speaking I just feel better when I eat clean.  I have started to get used to feeling really good now and I am definitely more selective about my cheats because if I am going to feel like crap after eating something, I want to make dang sure that it was worth it!  For example, today I really wanted something sweet after my salad at lunch.  So I happened to stumble on over to Einstein’s Bagels because I knew they had baked goods and I had every intention on “cheating” but when I got there the sweets selection wasn’t so great.  All of a sudden, I spotted a GINORMOUS fruit cup and decided that the grapes in it were exactly what I had been craving all along.  Not the giant muffins or cake bars but GRAPES, people, grapes.  If that isn’t a good health decisions, I don’t know what is.  Six-weeks ago, I would have grabbed the biggest cake bar with the most icing and not given it a second though, until afterwards when I started feeling bad for myself for eating something with absolutely no nutritional benefit, that wasn’t even that good.

Decisions like these have really helped me grow emotionally, mentally and physically.  I can honestly say that making healthy decisions like the ones I have mentioned is so empowering to me and I truly believe that anyone can experience the same benefits if you just believe in yourself and create an environment that supports your goals.  Start small, don’t try to build a mountain out of a mole hill on day one.  Instead, set a definitive goal for yourself and schedule a time to complete that goal.  For example, don’t just say you want to be more active and don’t just say you want to be more active by exercising the dogs.  Set up a detailed plan for how you want to accomplish your goal.  Therefore, instead of saying you want to be more active by exercising the dogs, pencil yourself in on your calendar for a 10-minute dog walking session and hold yourself accountable to that.  You wouldn’t make a commitment to someone else and not keep it, correct?  So why are you being so unreliable to yourself?  My challenge to you is do something healthy for yourself and see how it makes you feel!


Love y’all,



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