Whole Life Challenge

Well I have to say… A LOT has changed since my last post.  Not surprisingly since it’s been a few months.

Where to start…well I had been in a funk when I left you with my last post but I had just started CrossFit.  Crap hit the fan around here when Gram got sick and things have been pretty hectic since.  It’s funny how when the chips are down, you find out who really matters and who never mattered at all, but I digress and I will now remove myself from the past.

One of things I learned through this whole experience with Gram is just how important your health is.  You only get one shot at this life, so you better make the most of it.  To me, “making the most of it” partly involves diet and exercise.  In my opinion, if you put garbage into your system, you get garbage out.  A bad diet can lead to feeling pretty crappy and lets face it, when you feel  crappy you don’t want to do the things you enjoy the most.  I have really been working lately at trying to establish healthier decisions regarding my life, so of course when the opportunity presented itself to compete in the Whole Life Challenge I jumped on board.  Well (reality check), it did take a little bit (and by little bit, I mean A LOT) of mental prep because as a part of this I was required to have measurements taken in front of a lot of people.  But I reminded myself that it’s not the starting numbers that matter, it’s the ending ones 🙂

So what is the whole life challenge? Well, I’m glad you asked…click here for a link to the website to read all about it.  It takes a holistic approach to how you live your life and helps you learn that you are in control of all of the decisions you make.  It lasts 8-weeks and I am hoping to come out a much stronger person at the end, both mentally and physically.

Get ready because for the next 8-weeks, you’ll be hearing a lot about the challenge and how I’m bringing it into all aspects of my life.  Our first bonus challenge involved restaurant eating…I have to pick 3 places this week to contact about the compliancy (read the nutrition portion of the website above) of their menu and determine if that restaurant is a WLC approved venue or not.  Then I have to eat a whole life compliant meal at one of the restaurants I was in contact with.  Oh and I can’t do this via e-mail it has to be done on the phone or in person 🙂

So my three choices to contact are: Chipotle, Louie’s (A Local Burger Joint), and Cilantro (A Local Thai Place).  I will be sure to talk about the conversations as the week goes on!

Until tomorrow 🙂

Love, Shley!


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