Making it work for you…

Day Two of WLC is in the books!

One of the things our coaches suggested for mobility was to determine what hurts when you wake up and mobilize that. Well let’s just say I woke up with sore shoulders and piriformis pain (thank you, KBS). I immediately pulled up and got cracking (stretching too but there was definitely cracking joints involved). I found a sweet stretch that targets exactly where my back side hurt the most and followed that up with a bout of foam rolling. Then when I got to the box, I spent some time rolling out my shoulders with a lacrosse ball.

After our WOD today, Jeff and I did some grocery shopping. Meal planning in this house is always interesting because a) only one of us is doing the WLC and b) one of us is a picky eater. I won’t mention names on the picky eater but I can tell you, it’s not me.

Our shopping excursion led us to the outskirts of Cleveland in this wonderful shopping center that happened to have a Barnes and Noble (leave it to me to mosey on over and start checking out some paleo cookbooks). We stumbled upon a gem…


Flipping through this book we realized that it was perfect for us! It had all of Jeff’s favorite recipes made paleo. Now I know there are tons of opinions on “paleo-fying” food and how eating paleo is about cleaning up your eating and not taking your old un-healthy dishes and making them “paleo”. My opinion, you have to make changes that are going to work for you long-term. If Fried Chicken is something you can’t live without and there happens to be a recipe for “fried chicken” that uses almond flour as a coating and bakes the chicken instead of frying it and you like it…then by all means paleo-fy the h*ll out of it because it’s going to being healthier for you than the alternative (insert fast food chicken restaurant here). This cookbook provide solutions to the dilemma Jeff and I were facing with incorporating WLC in our household. There are recipes in here that he really likes that use WLC compliant ingredients for me 🙂

So WLC-ers (or not)…how are you planning on making this work long-term for you? Keep up the hard work, 54 more days to go 🙂


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