Going out to eat…WLC style

Have you ever had one of those days that you knew from the moment you woke up things were going to go wrong? Today was that day for me…it started with me opening the door to my car only to find that it was flooded from the rain that got in through the sunroof I left open over night. At that point I should have just turned around and gone and his under the covers. Let’s just say that the computers at work were also acting screwy today and it just made life grand.

This time a week ago I would have taken full advantage of the pumpkin cream cheese cookies that are strategically placed between my desk and the bathroom so that I have to walk by them to get to the potty. Guess what folks, not happening this week! This week I am totally in control of what I’m putting in to my body thanks to WLC 🙂

Speaking of control, have you ever thought about just how in-control of food you are at a restaurant? Bet not. You’re in luck though cause I have taken the guess work out of some restaurants for you! Our challenge for WLC this week was to talk to three restaurants and find out if they are or can be WLC compliant and then to eat a WLC compliant meal at one of them. Here is the report on my three restaurants:

I spent a lot of time with the manager today reading ingredient lists so I have to give a shout-out to him for his patience, especially after his lunch rush. Anyway, all of their protein options contain multiple non-WLC compliant ingredients. Sorry guys 😦 looks like you should leave subway alone unless you get fresh veggies and bring your own protein (BYOP).

They seem to be in the same boat as Subway in that 99% of the protein sources are non-compliant. The one person I spoke with did not really know what they were talking about so I will be going back to ask to read the ingredients in the pork carnitas. To play it safe, if you want Chipotle BYOP!

This is a local health food store, I figured if I couldn’t find WLC compliant meals in their cafe, I was not finding them at all. They offer a lot of options and their menu is constantly changing but one thing they always have are grilled chicken breasts which just do happen to be WLC compliant. Toss this on a salad from their fresh salad bar, drizzle on some olive oil and some salt/pepper and you have a WLC compliant meal.

So I learned a lot of lessons going to these places…1) to save yourself sometime ask to see the ingredient list yourself 2) ask to speak with a manger for any high level questions, they know more details about the food 3) go during non-peak hours so the staff is more hospitable and accommodating to your needs 4) don’t be afraid to ask, you have a right to know what you are putting in your body!

My task for you, try it out 🙂 you might be surprised at what you find!


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