Being Mentally Tough

I have a friend named Courtney (actually she’s the reason I first learned about CF) anyway she lives pretty far away from me but we talk on a very regular basis. Last night, I read a post on her box’s blog describing the WOD for tonight and all I could think to say was ‘good luck’. Tonight, she became the inspiration for my post on mental toughness.

CF Northridge had one HECKUVA WOD tonight:


2 rounds for time:
20 Push Press (95, 65)
25 High Pulls (95, 65)
30 Power Cleans (95, 65)
35 Front Squats (95, 65)
40 Box Jumps (20″)
40 Wall Balls (20, 15)
40 KB Swings (55. 35)
45 Lunges
45 Sit-ups
45 Push-ups

If you follow the link to their blog and read the story behind the workout however you find a very inspirational backstory about one CF couple’s adoption journey. Their journey undoubtedly required a strong mental attitude which isn’t much unlike what was required for those at Northridge to complete the WOD tonight.

One of the hardest things to change is your mental attitude when handling whatever life may throw your way. Recently the whole life challenge began at our box. I can promise you that over the next 8 weeks we will be challenged on more than one occasion. The point of the challenge though, is to overcome your mental barriers and realize that you are in control. It all begins with a single step and one small decision. Don’t get caught up thinking about changing your entire life, instead think about changing something small at any given moment in time and eventually all those small choices will paint one large picture. Being mentally in control of the small things helps you mentally prepare to tackle the larger things.

So as I leave you for the evening, think about how you mentally approach tough situations similar to the WLC or an insanely hard WOD. Do you automatically start thinking negative thoughts? If so, do yourself a favor and take the small step of saying something nice to yourself. Once you start learning to speak to yourself in a more positive manner you’ll be surprised as how much easier it becomes to mentally prepare yourself for whatever life tosses on your plate.

Have a good night everyone!


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