Seeing Progress in the Little Steps…

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the WLC and it seems like I’ve really been focusing on the nutrition.  Let’s face it people it isn’t called the NUTRITION challenge, it’s called the WHOLE LIFE challenge and it’s called that for a reason.  Granted nutrition is a BIG part of our lives and how we fuel our bodies directly impacts how we feel, mentally and physically, it is NOT (I repeat, is NOT) is the only part of our lives.

There are many lessons that can be learned doing the WLC that can be applied to other aspects of our life.  The basic premise behind the challenge is accountability and perseverance.  I believe someone once said that the measure of a (wo)man is not how (s)he acts during the good times, but how (s)he responds to adversity.  For example, do you give up on something after you do not succeed on the first try?  I hope not, but if you do please try and work on that.  Don’t look at is a failure but a new discovery of a way that doesn’t work.  Consider it paving the path of success 🙂 but, I digress.

Let me share a story.  I work for an insurance company and currently we are getting ready to move into our busiest season with Medicare Open Enrollment right around the corner.  With the option of having an online enrollment method, there are A LOT of scenarios that you need to test for.  Well lately we have been having quite a struggle to get our testing going and making sure that everyone is on the same page with how it should work and what we want the online enrollment forms to look like.  It’s been a challenge to say the least.  Well my partner and I have been fighting tooth and nail to have it done one way, that may take a little more time to implement upfront but should really save some time in the long run.  Given our time crunch with open enrollment starting our idea has been received less than favorably.  HOWEVER, we have kept fighting the good fight and finally found a way to present our argument in such a way that we couldn’t be ignored any longer there by getting what we need in order to make this work as efficiently as possible.

Point of my story-looking back over the past few weeks there were a lot of little things that had to be implemented to be able to fully view the big picture.  Without all of those little steps we never would have made it to where we got to today.

Life is a complex dynamic system that is full of a lot of little steps that can’t fully be understood unless you are looking back on them.  All of these things we are learning through the WLC: control, accountability, perseverance, mental toughness, etc., should all be things that you carry with you through every facet of your life.  Anyone can tough something out for 8-weeks, but the real challenge is to take away and apply life-long lessons once our 8-weeks of the WLC are up.

So, I leave you with this…think about how YOU can start incorporating  the skills you are learning through WLC into aspects of your life outside of the challenge  and then go do it 🙂


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