Holy cow that was hard…

I knew that remaining WLC compliant this weekend was going to be tough but dag-gone I didn’t think it would be THAT hard.

I started mentally preparing myself for our weekend at the lake (Deep Creek) last Tuesday. Typically on vacation, my eating choices become a free for all. I justify poor food choices with the logic that because it is vacation, it’s okay. To a certain extent this may be true but definitely not to the extent I would typically take it.

I was very fortunate to know exactly what to anticipate in terms of food choices available at the house and places we may visit that might be a bit of a challenge. For example, this place:


Candy Land. Yes y’all the place does exist in real life with its 300+ varieties of candy. This just so happened to be the location of some of the only fresh produce around too. ANYWAY. I knew we were going to this place and I knew it was going to be challenging but despite all of the candy there that I did avoid, I was able to find these WLC approved snacks:

I did also buy an apple.

After leaving that place I felt like I made a huge accomplishment and it was even better that I didn’t have to leave empty handed.

This was one of the many challenges I faced this weekend and I have to say it was really hard. I can think of five instances in particular (candy land included) that were extremely challenging for me. As I leave, I keep trying to tell myself that I am now 5 times stronger than before I got there but lets be honest I’m pretty mentally/emotionally drained at this point.

So lets focus on making this positive. What did get me through this weekend? Well I spent a lot of time planning and preparing. I took most of my own food with me but planning and preparation went beyond just that. Packing food was the easy part. I used the skills from the week one challenge to know what to ask servers at restaurants that we could potentially visit. I use visualization to see myself making good decisions and feeling stronger because of it. I also used visualization to see myself answering questions people might ask me about how I was eating. I used a lot of positive self-talk and reminded myself that passing up these non-compliant choices was a good choice for my future. And lastly, I used the support system I had in my family.

I guess my point is, this is a challenge especially if you are used to behaving a certain way in certain situations so a) don’t go in to it alone and b) take advantage of all the resources you have available. Promise you, that if I can do it. You can do it too!



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