Lessons Learned

Week Two of WLC has recently gotten under way.  Even though it is still very early in this competition, I have learned so many things.  Quite possibly the biggest thing I am taking away from this challenge so far is the importance of planning.  If you don’t plan for things properly, you ultimately hold yourself accountable for your actions that result from not planning properly.  Easy peasy, right? 

Wrong.  Planning is by no means an easy task.  Take for example this past weekend.  I spent a good 3-4 days planning how I was going to handle the weekend.  What I failed to take into account was how I was going to handle life when I got back.  For example, Sunday night we got in kind of late and the stores close kind of early.  We had to unpack, visit my Gram, get to the store, and cook in order to have food for the week.  However, because we were crunched for time and I didn’t have plan of attack in advance (i.e.- frozen burgers in the fridge I could heat up as a protein source or some lettuce) I ended up ultimately having to dock myself a point for nutrition.  Now, I’m sure I could have made a better choice than what I did get to eat BUT by the time I was actually able to get food, I was so hungry that all rationale was going out of the window.  Which brings me to my next biggest lesson learned thus far in the challenge, don’t get too hungry…you make bad decisions.  Moving on.  I will certainly have a plan of attack for times I know I will be out of town and for when I return from those trips.

I was kind of kicking myself in the toosh about yesterday’s decisions, so I decided to do some yoga today to clear my head.  I’m still a bit bummed about my lack of planning but I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that this challenge isn’t about perfection its about perseverance and picking yourself up after you’ve fallen down (guess what, today I have been 100% compliant even after having an extremely stressful evening).  I think the yoga really helped me with this though…I was able to spend some time working on the mindfulness weekly challenge, I got a really good stretch in, and a bit of a workout (some of the series we completed were tough).  I think yoga will be a really great tool for me that will help me excel with breaking through those days where the cravings are intense and I’m having a hard time holding on.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that!

Last bit of news for the night, my friend Courtney (who I’ve mentioned several times in my blog) informed me that her box is doing the 100 day burpee challenge again.  They started Friday but I decided that I would join in (from a distance) and keep up with the challenge. It goes a little something like this…Day 1 – 1 Burpee, Day 2- 2 Burpee’s, Day 3- 3 Burpee’s…you see where I am going with this?  Today was Day 4 and I’m going strong.  Check back in on day 50…

Well everyone, I’m going to turn in early tonight.  Y’all have a great evening 🙂

For all my WLC’ers- keep up the hard work and remember every decision you make is a chance to redefine yourself and it’s not linked in any way to your past decisions.  So…who do you want to be?


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