I met Helen at the box today, in the rain.  She’s a character – all 3 RFT’s of a 400m run, 21 KB swings, and 12 pull ups of her- yup.  I have to say that I knew I was going to meet her prior to getting to the box today but I was pretty excited.  This whole Crossfit thing has really changed my perspective on working out.  When I first started WODs I was TERRIFIED every time I got to class.  I was scared that I wasn’t going to know WTF was going on or how to do the lifts or even if I could complete the entire workout.  Now, I get excited about going to see what challenge I can overcome on that day.  Heck – I’d even go as far as saying that my body craves the workout – but not just any workout, my CF workout.  

Speaking of craving…I might have mentioned on here (maybe on Facebook) that I was having a hard time with taking liquid fish oil.  I’ll be happy to report that I have graduated from the shoot and chase method of downing the fish oil.  I am now just shooting…I don’t even have the fish wiggles anymore 🙂  Courtney keeps telling me that one morning I’m going to wake up and actually crave the fish oil, we’ll see though 😉 Since starting the fish oil, I have noticed how much shinier my hair is, it looks like hair from a Panteen pro-v commercial.  Yaaay fish oil!

So back to CrossFit.  Sorry I’m jumping back and forth, I do that a lot.  ANYWAY – I had some good feedback in class tonight.  We spent some time working on some of our Olympic lifts, well snatches and cleans to be exact.  From day one I had a really hard time with cleans and I really only started working on snatches but it’s coming along A LOT faster than the cleans.  So yea – I heard tonight that my Olympic lift form has greatly improved since first starting 🙂 LOVE the positive feedback!  I am also happy to report that since WLC started I have noticed a big improvement in my ability to swing a kettle bell.  Our baseline WLC WOD included kettle bell swings and that was pretty challenging for me as I had never done one before.  Today, a little over a week later I was swinging a 35lb KB for one round of Helen…I had some problems controlling it on the way down and I was concerned I would throw out my back so I decided to step back on the KB weight.

So improvements all around.  Yaay!  Don’t we all love results you can see?  I am planning on continuing to report improvements like this as the WLC progresses.  I’m redefining myself one decision at a time…are you?


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