Calorie Counting

Well I thought I was going to be able to get away from constantly recording what I eat but I’m starting to realize that for me that just doesn’t work.

As I have mentioned several times already, I am constantly learning new things about myself as a result of WLC. One of the thing I have come to terms with is that I am a very analytical person and like to bring things together “full picture”. Another is that I need to hold myself accountable. Calorie counting, enter stage left.

I have been doing CF for a while and prior to starting WLC I had been eating about 80-85% of my weekly meals as paleo. I thought this was good but I wasn’t noticing changes in the scales like I had hoped. So being analytical by design, I started doing some research and tweaking things.

I started by looking for the optimal macronutrient ratios for a paleo diet. When I found a starting point, I really had no platform setup to monitor these ratios so I asked Tina (my friend at work), how she tracks her calories. She informed me about a great little website called After signing up, I was able to adjust my caloric intake and the macronutrient ratios to what I wanted. Turns out that this was a fantastic method to meet my needs.

Using my fitness pal I am able to keep a closer eye on my calories but the BIGGEST advantage of the website (for me) is the ability to see exactly how many carbs I am eating vs. how much protein vs. how much fat. It has blown my mind to see the distribution but more importantly allowed to make the appropriate adjustments to my diet to make sure I’m making the best decisions regarding my diet. It’s helping me start to view food as fuel as opposed to a comfort source.

With that, I can’t talk enough about all I am learning about myself from the WLC challenge. I am gaining the momentum necessary to continue to make good decisions as we get deeper into the challenge. I can honestly say that taking the plunge and overcoming my fears associated with starting this challenge was one of the best things that could have happened to me!


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