If you would have asked me 5 years ago, heck if you would have asked me 5 months ago if I ever would have been as excited as I was tonight when I found out that I would be able to have an apple, banana, sweet potato, and squash all in one day I would have thought you were crazy, for several reasons (but I digress).  However,  ladies and gents, it was (in fact) one of the highlights of my day today.

I’ve been really refining my diet a lot lately and trying to work on watching my calories and my macro nutrient ratios.  I was really cutting out the carbs and I had been having a really hard time getting the numbers to work (plus I was REALLY upset that I couldn’t have an apple and a banana in the same day without going over on my carbs).  Anyway, I switched the ratios around again and I am super excited to see how this works out. 

I spent about an hour with one of my CF coaches tonight revisiting some goals that I had set and updating him on my progress and focusing on new goals to achieve.  It was really awesome to be able to look back and see how all the steps I started making a few months ago have really paid off.  I may not be where I ultimately want to be BUT I am well on my way and nothing is going to stop me!

How many of you out there set goals for yourself? I highly recommend trying it.  For me, setting a goal gives me a sense of purpose, something to strive for, and something to be proud of when they are achieved.  The key to goal setting though is creating goals that are well-defined, well thought out, and realistic.  Also, you can’t just reach your goal(s) and then stop – goal setting is a dynamic process.  So – have a go at it, don’t be scared to fail because you won’t.  There is no right or wrong goal, its all about you and helping yourself grow!


Good Luck 🙂


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