WOD on, my friends

I went for a workout today and it turned in to a life altering experience. Now I know a lot of you are like “whatttttt, there is no way…” But rest assured, I am not lying.

Let me give you some history. My first day of CrossFit I met a fellow “newbie” by the name of Kirsten. Kirsten had a lot of spunk for 5 in the morning and I was a bit intimidated by her but at the same time I was also inspired by her spirit and just how dag-gone fast she completed the workouts.

Flash forward to today, we workout in different classes now but cross paths a lot and I still monitor her amazing progress. I’ve also been able to get to know her on more of a personal level and have always thought she had an inspiring story.

So today we met up for a WOD since the box was closed because our coaches are getting a certification. We used this awesome tool and got this awesome WOD


We had to get creative for a few of the exercises since we were outside in a park. In the end, we did the body rows using play ground swings as our “rings”, we used handle bars on the playground equipment steps and benches to do dips, and the steps and slides to do box jumps. The other exercises didn’t require anything else other than showing up with the will to work hard. This workout proves that you don’t need anything other than determination to achieve a healthier lifestyle. If anyone ever says to you, “oh I can’t workout because it costs to much”…FALSE. This workout, totally free. All it took was time and creativity to make it work.

So now as for the life altering experience. Kirsten and I spent some time talking about how we got to where we are. I found that we have kind of ended up where we are by following somewhat similar paths. She, however, is at a point where I want to be. That, folks, is what made it life altering for me. Spending that time with her and learning from her, gave me what I needed to take that “next step”. I can’t begin to tell to how much it meant to me to have the chat we had because it solidified my ultimate goals and even better gave me a starting point to reach them.

So I will reiterate…you never know where life will take you but it always has a funny way of taking you right where you need to be. I am so thankful that we were able to get together today and I am ecstatic about putting my plans in motion. I went for a workout today and got SO MUCH MORE!


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