Positivity Breeds Positivity

So I’ve been reading this book called Unlimited: How to Build and Exceptional Life.  In case you are wondering, it’s by Jillian Michaels…you know “the world’s toughest trainer” from the Biggest Loser? Yea that chick.  Anyway, she may be the world’s toughest trainer and all but don’t let that shy you away from this book.  It is a top notch read and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are looking for something really inspirational, walk RUN to go grab it off the shelves.

The book and I crossed paths as a result of a conversation I had with a friend of mine, Kirsten (I’ve mentioned her in my blog before).  She said that she found the book really beneficial, got a lot out of it, and she thought I’d experience the same with reading it.  So, in typical fashion, I ran out the next day and grabbed it from the public library.  I’ve had it just over a week now and I’m about 30-40 pages from the end and it is killing me that I haven’t been able to make the time to finish it yet.  I have to tell you that since I’ve starting reading it, my world has made a complete turnaround.  Seriously.

One of the things Jillian talks about in her book is the importance of having a positive outlook on life.  I have always tried to be an optimist (to the point that at times it can be irritating to my pessimistic friends) but sometimes I gravitate away from that as a result of my own personal self-destructive behaviors.  Since starting her book I have really been able to accomplish identifying what my triggers are and more importantly their root causes.  You see, once you identify the root cause you can then begin to improve your response to said trigger.  I believe, Sun Tzu said “if you know thy enemy and know thy self you can win a hundred battles without loss”.  In this case, the root cause is the enemy your response is yourself.  When you fully wrap your head around that you can start to visualize a plan of attack.  I CAN NOT stress enough to you about the importance of planning, but I digress.

So back to my original point- what does all of this have to do with positivity?  Well when you identify what demons are holding you back you can start to break the cycle of self-destructive behaviors.  As you work towards breaking this cycle you start learning things about yourself.  The first thing I learned was that every day that I woke up looking down at the ground I had a very basic choice to make.  I could either have a positive outlook on the day or a negative outlook.  That’s the beauty of life and living in the present.  Every day that you wake up you have a clean slate to start from.  Realizing that you have this choice to either have a positive outlook or a negative outlook is very liberating and it builds a lot of self-confidence.  It allows you to realize that you control of everything about yourself.  The world may be in a mass state of chaos around you, but YOU and only YOU are responsible for deciding how you will respond to that chaos.

As you start to take control of your actions and your responses to “events” your gain momentum and as this happens you start to send out positive vibes.  Your thoughts start to change from “aww man – another day…” to “hey I didn’t do so bad yesterday…” to “how am I going to change the world today?”.  As your thoughts change and you increasingly send out positive vibes, people around you start to catch on and “hop on the bandwagon” – of course, there will always be those people that will try to break you, we all know misery loves company, but you can’t let the futile efforts of the negative Nancy’s derail your success.  Remember that whole point I made about you are in control of how you respond to others behaviors and actions…yea that applies to those Negative Nelly’s trying to throw you off your game.

So – when you wake up tomorrow…I want you (and I’m talking to each and every one of you that reads this tonight) to tell yourself that you are going to have a positive outlook on the day no matter what happens.  Even if the most positive thing that happens to you is the fact that you woke up looking down at the ground, you still need to tell yourself that because you still have the power to choose how you are going to approach the day and that in itself is something to celebrate.

Night Y’all 🙂


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