Meal Plan Week 2 – Thanksgiving Special

Hey Ya’ll!  So the end of this week has gotten pretty insane.  In fact, I have to be honest, I missed one of my new blog updates!!  So this post is going to be a super special one!

Just for future reference (and accountability purposes), Friday’s featured posts are going to be all about fitness fun!  So I suppose I’ll start with this past week at the box.  There has been a lot going on at CFA lately 🙂 We just moved into a new location, it’s the two year anniversary AND the Christmas party is coming up.  I’m finally starting to feel 100% again and I can tell you my progress lately is showing that :).  I had three WODs this week and set PR’s on my snatch, front squat, and back squat.  Today’s WOD was particularly intense for me let me show you:

It was a birthday WOD for a coach and one of our athletes.  I attempted the Rx but didn’t quite make it as my snatches still need some work (everything else was Rx though 🙂 ).  As I mentioned it was intense but man was it a good workout.  I’m still struggling a little bit with my double unders (DU) so when I finished my arms had tiger stripes…

So lets take a left turn into Thanksgiving-ville.  I hinted in a previous post that I have been spending a lot of time planning the meal and the grocery list since we are hosting this year and I think I can safely say that this week has officially been planned.  Check out the meal plan for week 2 below:

Thursday is going to be a feast but the majority of it is Paleo/Whole Life friendly.  I am going to be using a TON of recipes from Ol’ Faithful (Paleo Comfort Foods) so I’ll be sure to report on how they turn out (and how the family likes them).  I’m hoping that I can report back that I/we enjoyed everything I/we ate even if is isn’t the traditional holiday meal :).  To be honest, we really didn’t spend that much money on the meal either – so for all of you out there that say eating healthy isn’t possible on a budget, it totally is!

The last bit I have to do for the Thanksgiving planning and preparation is determine which recipes I’ll be cooking ahead of time and which will be cooked on the day of.  Right now, I’m thinking that most of the casseroles, the stuffing, and the two puddings can be cooked in advance and the rest can wait until the day of.  In all honesty, I’ll probably start with cooking a few of them on Tuesday and the rest on Wednesday.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the Holidays.  I can’t wait to share how it turned out with you all!

Until next time, take care 🙂



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