Resource Round-up Week 2

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend :).  We had a wonderful weekend, celebrating my grandmothers 87th birthday!  She is pretty worn out from all of the celebrating but she had a blast.

Have you ever sat down and thought about how awesome home-cooked meals are?  I was eating my dinner tonight (Turkey Loaf and Green Beans) and thinking about how yummy home-cooked meals truly are.  There is just something about eating the food you prepare (and knowing everything in it) that makes it far superior to anything you’d find in a restaurant.  Man thinking about this makes me REALLY excited for our Thanksgiving feast!!!

So it’s Monday and that means it is time for me to share a favorite resource of mine.  Super exciting, I know!  This week’s featured resource goes to *drumroll* Balanced Bites (check out the link on the blogroll).  Holy cow, I don’t even know where to start with this gem.  The website is maintained by Diane Sanfilippo and her team and contains all kinds of resources including links to her book, the 21-day sugar detox, the balanced bites blog, and podcast (to name a few).  The best thing about this website is that the majority (if not all) of the information contained within the website is free.  I have been listening to the podcast for the past few weeks and not only does it contain a lot of information BUT it is really entertaining as well!  If you have an interest in the paleo/primal lifestyle, this is a must see.

That being said…what are y’all waiting for!  Head on over and check the site out!!

Talk to you all soon!



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