It’s Monday, most of the world hates Monday. I, on the other hand appreciate Monday’s. Monday’s are a new beginning for me, a fresh start to the week ahead. It’s often very stabilizing after a hectic weekend. It’s also my weigh-in day (this can go one of two ways). I am working on using the number on the scale as feedback for the previous week so that I know what I did well and where I can improve, it tends to make it a more positive experience. This week I have some room for improvement, but in all honesty I saw it coming. Good news, I didn’t gain weight 🙂

So today is recipe/resource day and man do I have a good one for you!

Blackberry Glazed Pork Chops


These guys were amazing! We used thin boneless pork chop for our recipe and we cooked them on the grill skillet inside. Minor modifications. The only things I would change for next time would be cooking them on the actual grill, using bone-in thick cut chops, and cooking the glaze down a little longer than we did.

I’ve mentioned Juli’s website a few times in the past few days. She’s got a great blog and tons of recipes! She’s even coming out with her first cookbook soon :). I know a lot of you are starting a 30-day paleo challenge this week, so mosey on over to her site and check it out! You won’t be disappointed, promise!

Have a fantastic week and good luck to all of you challengers!!


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