Salad Remix…yaaaah!

Happy Monday y’all!  I hope that this post finds you in good spirits 🙂

I’m going to keep it short, sweet, and simple today.  The hubs is heading out of town for a few days so I have lots to prepare in advance of his departure. 

The recipe I am going to share with you follows with the theme of my post…short and simple.  It is actually one I created on my own that remixes a classic and throws in a bit of a more recent favorite.

Spinach and Prosciutto Salad

1 Slice of Applegate Farms Prosciutto
2.5 oz ground beef
12g sunflower seeds
5g Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

I have been eating a lot of salads lately…like seriously a lot.  For the past 4 weeks, I’ve had a salad for lunch every day and there have been plenty of times that I have had salads for other meals as well.  It stands to reason that one can only have so many salads before growing tired of them.  In order to prevent this from happening, I have been trying to get creative with what I put on my salad greens.  I have been taking the approach that any main course meal item can EASILY be turned into a salad just by putting in on a bed of greens :). Fact. 

This week, I switched my salad protein as well as my salad green just to break the “same old boring” salad routine.  I chose to go with spinach as the base, and a combination of ground beef and pork as the protein.  In fact, I actually just used some of the leftover bacon meatloaf as my “ground beef”.  I totally have to confess that this was on accident though.  I got so wrapped up with cooking yesterday I forgot to prep my salad protein, but now that I discovered this I will be cooking up some ground beef using the same exact seasonings as in the meatloaf. 


One note on the proteins…prosciutto can be a big no-no when you are working on cleaning up your diet.  That being said, I have found that the Applegate farms brand is actually very clean.  The only three ingredients are pork, salt, and pepper.  The animals used for making their products are humanely raised and slaughtered, which makes me happy knowing that my food is coming from happy animals.   

This kind of brings up another topic – I used to be vegetarian before finding paleo (and while we are at it, I do NOT by any means consider myself paleo pure – my diet is more real foods based but certainly not 100% paleo).  Going from vegetarian to paleo is kind of a big transition, to say the least.  But one day it hit me that eating real food was really important to me, as a vegetarian it was very hard to get the recommended protein without having to have some kind of processed protein, generally in the form of soy.  Around the same time I had found CrossFit and was introduced to this “new” style of eating.  After switching to a more paleo diet, I found that I felt better, I slept better, I didn’t have problems with my sinuses, I had more energy, and I was just overall more alert.  Since making that transition, I have refined what works best for my body.  It is by no means a completed process but I enjoy the experimentation part.  Especially experimenting with new recipes 🙂

Eating animals is something I have come to terms with so long as I know that the animal had a healthy and happy life.  I guess I could describe it as almost spiritual (here I go with the hippie stuff again)…I think of it in terms of how the Native Americans viewed the meat they killed to feed the tribe.   I know that an animal’s life was sacrificed so that I could live my life and for that I am thankful.  I pay my respects to the life of that animal and I am grateful for what it provided for my family and I.

So much for being short :).  Try the salad, you can thank me later.