About HWP

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Healthy & Whole the Paleo Way!  The blog is experiencing a major facelift so please bear with me until I am able to complete the changes.  Once completed the blog will focus on health and well-being from a Paleo perspective.  I hope you all are just as excited as I am about the new direction the blog will be taking!

So who is face behind the blog, you ask?

This chick, no not the one puppy dog eyes (she’s talented, but not THAT talented).  Nice to meet you, I’m Ashley!

So who am I?

Well that depends on who you ask…I’m a daughter, a wife, a grand-daughter, momma to two big furry puppies and three furry kitties. I’m a graduate student studying physical activity patterns, I’m a CrossFitter, and a nutrition fanatic. I’m mostly just me and if you stick around for a while and read my blog you’ll really get to learn a lot about my perspective on life.

With that – I’m going to stop talking about myself now (who really like to talk about themselves anyway) and let you explore the rest of the blog!

Please feel free to leave comments, I love feedback!


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