And the winner is….

Hey y’all!  I have to warn you today is going to be a loaded post.  There have been so many things going on that I have been dying to share with everyone.  So grab a yummy glass of green tea and pull up a chair for this one 🙂 lets chat!

I guess I’ll first start by telling you a conversation that I just had.  Let me set the scene…so I get a text from a good friend of mine saying that she met with one of our coaches, they had a really good talk and she was curious about the possibility of continuing our own little whole life challenge of sorts to keep on track and remain accountable.  My response was: HECK YEA (clearly)!!!  So we went into this lengthy discussion about how we were going to remain accountable and continue to make healthy decisions but to make it realistic.  Let me take a little side bar here – to me, keeping it realistic is striving to make the best possible decision that you can but also acknowledging that it is okay to allow yourself indulgences every now and then.  That being said, I’m not talking about an eat the entire pizza in one sitting or a WHOLE carton of ice cream loaded with fake ingredients that you can’t pronounce BUT allowing yourself to have a square of 72% cocoa dark chocolate every now and then.  End side bar.

In this discussion our conversation started taking the direction of:

A- We should probably define what are allowed vs. not allowed ingredients because saying “cheat” is vague.  For example, does
“cheat” mean drinking coconut milk with guar gum in it?

C- Here is where it is tricky.  I’m all for making the effort to find products without additives HOWEVER in the grand scheme of things, a little guar in my coconut milk is not the root cause of my dilemma.

A- You know what the funny thing is…two months ago we wouldn’t be having the discussion about whether or not to allow guar gum in our coconut milk…

C- No kidding!! Oh how we’ve changed and grown

See that right there is a great example of progress we all have made, and one of the many reasons I am so thankful for having been a part of this challenge!  To that extent, Cara and I have starting putting some plans in motion to keep our WLC experience going.  Some of them involve even more additions to the blog so be sure to stay tuned!


Well, I guess it’s time to get on to the intended topic of the day.  As a part of the updates to the blog I am planning a weekly featured resource post.  I want to share some of my favorite health and wellness resources with everyone and I hope to gain some in return.  That being said, it’s time to announce the FIRST featured resource *drumroll*

Cookin’ Up Life

I have talked about this blog on several occasions and it truly is an awesome resource for healthy real food recipes.  Courtney over there at Cookin’ Up Life does a fantastic job of creating a picture guided tour of some wonderful recipes.  She is also putting together weekly meal plans on a budget which is great for people who are trying to make healthy food choices but are limited financially.  In fact, I believe she aims for planning a weeks worth of meals for two on a budget of $100 dollars.  She and her husband (they are newlyweds hence the emphasis on husband 🙂 ) are avid crossfitters and both has a real passion for eating well and taking care of themselves among other things (I don’t want to get too personal – because then you won’t have any reason to check out her story on her blog).  So, without further ado…head on over and check out her recipes!! I will post a link to her website on the front page of my blog so that you can easily find it.


So I guess I won’t give out too much information tonight in regards to the plans that Cara and I have.  I promise you’ll be seeing those real soon!

So until next time, smile and enjoy life – you only get one!



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